INDEPENDENT inspectors have paved the way for a new planning blueprint to be adopted in Tendring...helping to thwart “rogue” developers.

Tendring Council’s last Local Plan was due to be replaced in 2011, but has suffered repeated delays.

It led to the district being inundated with applications for thousands of homes in recent years as the council could not identify a five-year supply of housing, as stipulated by the Government.

It meant there was a “presumption in favour of sustainable development” which parish councillors claimed led to the district being exploited by developers.

But section two of Tendring Council’s Local Plan, which was subjected a two-week public hearing earlier this year, has now been found “legally sound” by inspectors - subject to the formal adoption of a number of modifications and minor amendments.

Nick Turner, chairman of the council’s planning policy and Local Plan committee, welcomed the indepedent inspectors’ letter.

“This is resounding good news for Tendring, meaning that, subject to the final few steps required to formally adopt our Local Plan, we now have a definitive shape to the growth of our district for the coming decade,” he said.

“Not only does this strengthen our hand against rogue developers who may wish to build on areas we consider inappropriate, but also gives us impetus to move towards a sustainable future.

“I heartily thank all of our officers who have been working diligently over many years now – for this is not a short process – to get us to this point, along with my fellow councillors who play a key role throughout in shaping and scrutinising the process.”

The Local Plan blueprint sets out how development should take place across the district until 2033.

Section one of the plan, which was submitted jointly by Tendring Council along with Colchester Council and Braintree Council, looked at strategic planning matters and section two, which is unique to Tendring, provides more detail on where housing and other development will take place.

The inspectors’ letter will be considered by the Local Plan committee and cabinet before going to full council on January 25.