AN angelic and ethereal choir of young superstar singers performed a piece of music which many deem to be a masterpiece as part of a new project.

The Essex Youth Choir took to the stage at the unique setting of Ely Cathedral where they beautifully interpreted Haydn’s choral composition The Creation.

Written in the 1790s, the revered piece of sonic work depicts and celebrates the creation of the world as described in the Book of Genesis.

The group of harmonists performed the piece with support from Gabrieli ROAR!, a new scheme reinvigorating youth choirs who have faced pandemic challenges.

The project and its benefits to young musicians has been widely featured and praised on the likes of BBC Radio 3 and in the classical music magazine, Gramophone

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

As part of the initiative the singers were coached by choral specialists and during the show were led by Paul McCreesh, artistic director from the Gabrieli Consort team.

Jill Ball, a parent of a member of the Essex Youth chorister said: “It was amazing – we brought grandparents and a great uncle and they had a brilliant time.

“Thanks to you all of you for your time and patience and passion for doing what you did to make this happen.

“The opportunities the Essex Music Service provides for ordinary kids from every and any background is substantial and phenomenal.”

The Essex Youth Choir is an advanced full choir made up of students aged between 13 and 19 and is run by Essex Music Service, which is part of Essex County Council.

Beverley Heard, music service ensembles officer, organised the magical event at Ely Cathedral on behalf of the Essex Music Service.

She added: “What a treat for the Essex Youth Choir to form part of a massive chorus of over 200 singers.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“Performing such great music as Haydn’s The Creation is such a privilege in the stunning surroundings of Ely Cathedral accompanied by the Gabrieli Consort.

“The young people of Essex Youth Choir excelled themselves with the complex lines and intense emotions of the piece.

“The choir looks forward to more projects with Gabrieli Roar! in the future and I thank them for inspiring such high levels of choral singing.”

For further information about the Essex Youth Choir call Beverley Heard 07786 125 703 or 0333 013 9361 or email