A SCHOOL has organised a mesmerising and dazzling display which is set to wow and captivate hundreds of spectators.

The Great Clacton Church of England Junior School, located in Craigfield Avenue, will play host to a fireworks evening on November 4.

The exhibition of exploding colours and lights will take place in front of as many as 500 people as they arch their eyes skywards in amazement.

On the ground, guests will also be able to benefit from a barbecue, music, refreshments, popcorn, flashing toys and much more.

In order to attend the fireworks event, the gates for which open at 6.30pm, spectators must have had a negative lateral flow test 24-hours or 48-hours before.

While not mandatory, any attendees who would feeler safer and more comfortable wearing a face-mask are encouraged to wear them.

Tickets, which cost £6 for adults and £4 for children, will be available to purchase with cash only on the night of the display.