AN inclusive sports centre is looking to potentially start-up a new class specifically tailored and aimed at young people with disabilities.

Seconds Out Gym, in Brunel Road, Clacton, was founded by Gareth Bayford, 38, and has since become a welcoming hub for exercisers from all walks of life.

The businessman and boxing fan is now considering launching a more accommodating weekly fitness session for those with disabilities.

He first, however, wants to see if there is likely to be the demand for a such a new and refreshing class at the community site.

Mr Bayford said: “Seconds Out Gym is looking at creating opportunities for young people with disabilities.

“Participation in sports and physical activities is an integral part of every young person’s development and growth.

“So, we are thinking of running a class every Tuesday evening where booking will be required, so please message us if you are interested.”

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