A PERFORMING arts venue has defended its decision to stage a controversial comedian who specialises in risqué and far from politically correct routines.

Jimmy Jones, 83, who has a reputation for being “outspoken”, is a long-running stand-up joke-teller who has been in show business for six decades.

Over the years the comedian has refused to tone down his approach to comedy and has always vowed to “takes no prisoners”. 

Despite this, he has graced stages at the likes of the London Palladium, enjoyed a residency in Las Vegas, and toured all over the UK and Europe. 

On October 15, the seasoned funnyman, whose routines play out in a similar vein to those of Jim Davidson and Roy Chubby Brown, will perform at the Princes Theatre, in Clacton.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

But not everyone is happy with the idea of Jimmy being given a platform in the seaside town.

Leon Stails, 48, of Penfold Road, Clacton, argued the long standing controversy around Jimmy’s jokes should mean he isn’t invited to the theatre. 

He said he has been left feeling angry by the booking and has now called on the venue to pull the show. 

He said: “Why is Tendring Council still allowing this individual to perform shows?”

Jimmy has in the past vehemently denied any claims his routines are racist and argued he should be allowed to push boundaries. 

In an interview with the Romford Recorder from 2010, he said: “Comedy is about pushing boundaries and I was one of the first to do that. 

“I used to do a West Indian accent as part of my routine, but I can’t do that anymore because the PC brigade accuses me of racism.”

Bosses at Tendring Council, which runs the Princes Theatre, have now stood by their decision to book the veteran entertainer.

A spokesman for the Princes Theatre spokesman said the venue did not take a view on the content of comics’ sets.

“We leave it to theatre-goers to make their own judgement on whether or not they wish to attend.” he said.

To find out more about information about the Princes Theatre’s upcoming shows visit princestheatre.co.uk.

Alternatively contact the venue box office by calling 01255 686633.