A PLETHORA of free mental wellbeing courses are being offered to Essex residents suffering with stress, anxiety and low self-confidence issues.

ACL Essex has partnered with mental health campaigners across the globe to commemorate this year’s World Mental Health Day, held on October 10.

As part of the initiative the adult community learning provider is encouraging people across the county to sign-up to its potentially outlook-changing online courses.

The projects are designed to help residents reduce stress, create a positive mindset, manage anxiety and learn how to become more mentally resilient.

According to the latest figures published by Public Health England, nearly 50 per cent of the population has been struggling with mental health issues.

Spearheading the courses at ACL Essex is Christian Norman, vice principal for curriculum and learning.

She said: “The pandemic has brought about unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety within the whole population.

“We’re here to support Essex residents and provide mental health education to give people the skills to manage their stress and anxiety, plus the ability to flourish.”

The free-of-charge mental health and recovery courses are offered during daytime and evenings and are spread over one-to-seven-week periods.

To find out more information about ACL Essex and its mental wellbeing courses visit aclessex.com/.