FIREFIGHTERS responded to a myriad of flood-related calls in the space of just three hours as the county battled treacherous weather conditions.

The Essex Fire Service received reports of 26 weather-created incidents between 5.20am and 8.40am on Tuesday following relentless downpour and powerful winds.

One of the more serious emergencies occurred at about 7am after a bungalow in Windermere Road, Holland-on-Sea, was badly affected by flooding.

After a crew from Clacton responded to the call-out, firefighters discovered flood water was entering the property after heavy rain and impacting the electrics.

They subsequently managed to divert the water away from the building and worked to make the property safe for all of its occupants.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Crew manager Andy Anderson added: "The incident highlighted the importance of clearing leaves and other debris from your guttering, drains and gullies.

“If they become blocked, as in this case, it will increase the risk of floodwater effecting your property if there is heavy rainfall."

On-call firefighters from Weeley were also called to a similar incident at a property in Cotswold Road, Clacton, shortly after 7am.

Again, the crew was required to isolate the building’s electrics and quickly manoeuvre the flow of the water into a different direction.

Residents living in Sladbury's Lane, which has a long history of flooding, have also reported problems since the bad weather took hold.

Tee Rollings, 59, who has lived in the road with her husband for two years, said: "There is flooding once again and the cars driving through are breaking down.

"It is dangerous because they are driving on the kerb and along the pathway and there are bits of car coming off and floating in the water.

"Drivers have no respect for the properties around here and this road is now a accident waiting to happen.

"The whole street is flooded and it is a frigging joke."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Essex fire crews were also kept busy throughout the county, including Southend firefighters, who were called at 6.15am to Westcliff Parade, Westcliff.

Upon arrival they discovered a severe leak in the roof was causing flooding and a smell of burning in the lift area before making the building was safe.

In Braintree, on the other hand, on-call firefighters responded to internal flooding at a care home in Railway Street, at about 6am.

Somewhat inventively the crews used a salvage sheet to limit the damage and isolated the electrics.