A HEARTBROKEN wife says she has been “blown away by everyone’s kindness” after her childhood sweetheart tragically died on her birthday.

James Davis, 37, of Clacton, died suddenly on August 17, leaving behind his life partner Kierette, also 37, who he married in July 2019.

Following the executive driver’s untimely death, a fundraiser was launched with a view of raising £5,000 to help Kierette pay for her husband’s funeral.

Speaking previously to the Gazette, the teaching assistant had expressed concerns over how she would cover all of the couple’s bills and finances without James.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Amazingly, just one month after the campaign started, the target has already been smashed, and it even benefited from a £500 donation from a mystery donor.

An overwhelmed Kierette said: “Thank you so much for everybody’s kind donations, I am blown away by everyone’s kindness.

“I am amazed I have reached my target, as I don’t qualify for help for the funeral costs from the Government as I don’t have children and I am not on benefits.

“So, this will make a massive difference and now James can have the send-off his deserves.

“I especially want to thank Jo Cook and everyone at Curvy Brides for their generosity. You are all amazing and will reap what you sow in life. Thank you again to everyone.”

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James’ tragic death occurred on Kierette’s birthday as the couple were both getting ready at their home to go out to mark the occasion.

Kierette had decided to pop to her parents’ home to pick up some presents and when she returned she found her beloved husband dead on the floor.

They had first met each other at Clacton County High School when they were both just 12 years old and after enduring several years of relationship uncertainty, married two years ago.

Eventually, at the age of 27, Kierette and James had rekindled their romance and in 2015 finally decided to tie the knot.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

But the grand occasion had to be called off after the couple were involved in a serious car accident which resulted in executive driver James having to have a year off work.

Two years ago, they eventually married and Their big day was even featured on the TLC television show Curvy Brides Boutique.

Speaking about what James would have thought of everyone coming together to support his wife, Kierette said: “He would have been amazed.

“When his brother sadly passed away at Christmas we raised about £500 and he was so happy about that.

“To know we have raised more than £5,000, he would be so thankful.

“Everyone has been so kind and I am so grateful as it is so hard and it is a massive weight lifted off.”