A PROPERTY firm has acquired a new branch partner who holds the location of his new “dream office” very close to his heart.

Jamie Wass, a father-of-five, has worked in the property industry for almost 20 years, spending half of his career with Haart estate agency.

Throughout his award-winning time in the housing sector he has travelled everywhere from New York to Bangkok but will now work much closer to home.

He has just been announced as the company’s new branch partner in his home town of Clacton, where is has waited more than a decade to work.

Speaking following the appointment, Mr Wass, who started his career at Haart when he moved from a competitor said: “Clacton is my dream office.

“I have been waiting my whole career to be able to have a branch close to home that I can help nurture and develop using both my industry and local knowledge.

“I believe that a great estate agent cares about the area and the people as much as the market.

“My passion for my local area helps me in being able to give great advice to clients as well as help develop the team.”

Mr Wass is now hoping he can continue to embody the ethos of Haart within his new exciting venture in Clacton.

He added: “Haart is one big family, our core values benefit the company, clients, but most importantly, our staff.

“The development available and flexibility within roles creates great employees and also makes sure everyone is happy and maintaining a good work-life balance.

“This is something I want to continue as I grow my branch.”