A TRUCK driver who fractured his hip in a nasty crash which left him trapped has praised the emergency services for getting him to safety.

Aaron Elvis, 36, of Clacton, was involved in the accident on Monday afternoon in Colchester Road, Great Bentley.

In dashcam footage, seen by the Gazette, a vehicle is seen losing control and swerving into Mr Elvis’ truck.

The smash, which included two other vehicles, occurred at about 3.15pm near Church Road and the Little Bentley Petrol Station.

Firefighters from Clacton, Colchester, Weeley, and the Urban Search and Rescue attended the scene, as well as police officers and paramedics.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Upon arrival they established Mr Elvis was trapped inside his truck, which had veered off of the road and into a nearby ditch.

After officers closed the busy road in both directions, resulting in traffic coming to a standstill, fire crews undertook an extraction mission.

By 4.40pm, the construction worker was freed from his light goods vehicle and left in the care of paramedics.

“I just knew I had to swerve because I would have been killed if I had hit the car straight on,” added Mr Elvis.

“So, I tried to go into ditch on my side but the car hit me and then that spun me round.

“I was just worried about people being hurt, that was my main concern. I can deal with myself being hurt, but I did not want to see anyone else hurt.

“The driver came over see if I was OK and said nobody was badly hurt, so that was big relief.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Following the incident, Mr Elvis was taken to Colchester Hospital, where he is now being treated by doctors after sustaining two hip fractures and severe whiplash.

He is hoping he will be able to return home within a matter of days, but will not be able to place any weight on his leg for six weeks.

Praising the frontline workers who have helped him, Mr Elvis added: “I was in so much pain in my neck and hip but the paramedics were there in minutes.

“They told me do not move and then firefighters braced me and did an amazing job getting me out.

“I take my hat off to all the emergency services for helping me and I thank them.”