INSPIRING seasiders formed a protective chain around a stroke survivor after they were swept onto a cluster of dangerous rocks and lost feeling in their body.

Heroic beach-goers leapt into action at 9am on Saturday after spotting a person washed up on to a section of rocks just off of the Clacton shoreline.

With the tide rising fast, their welfare became a growing concern, so a bystander frantically waved to passing lifeboat crew members to gain their attention.

Sensing danger, the three lifesavers, who were arriving back at the station when they heard the desperate call for help, immediately rushed to the person’s aid.

One crew member swam around the groyne to gain better access to the casualty, while another waded on the other side and then climbed on to the rocks to get closer.

It was then established the casualty was a member of a swimming group who had suffered a stroke seven years ago and was using swimming as rehabilitation. However, they then started to complain about a loss of feeling down the left-hand side of their body.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Seasiders looking on then set up a protective chain between the sea and the casualty, bracing themselves in time with the rough waves coming in.

Their remarkable efforts helped protect the casualty until the arrival of additional lifeboat members.

After reaching the scene with a rescue basket, having launched the D-Class inshore lifeboat, the swimmer was extracted from the situation.

The casualty, who suffered cuts, abrasions, and bruising, was then left in the hands of paramedics on the beach before being taken to hospital.

Mark Walsham, volunteer lifeboat press officer and spokesman for RNLI Clacton, said: “We hope the casualty makes a full recovery from this ordeal.

“The fact our volunteer crew was able to respond almost immediately to the dangerous situation with a rapidly rising tide and strong waves certainly helped. Using their expert knowledge and teamwork, they helped to ensure a positive outcome, which could have been much worse.”

A RNLI spokesman added: “This rescue is testament to the commitment, training, and high standards of the crew.

“We would also like to thank the three bystanders who helped and their support and quick thinking helped us a great deal – thank you.”