A PAIR of stunning sandy seafronts in north east Essex have been named as two of the most dog-friendly beaches in the entire country.

West Mersea Beach and Jaywick Beach are included in a comprehensive guide curated by Vets Now, which is the country’s leading pet emergency service.

The exclusive list is comprised of what are believed to be the 50 safest and most accommodating beaches for our furry four-legged friends.

Acting on suggestions from customers and employees at Vets Now, the curators have only considered beaches where there is parking and good water quality.

The seafronts must also have a daytime vet based nearby and a Vets Now pet emergency service within driving distance, and dogs must be welcome all year.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

The vast majority of the beaches featured have also won awards for cleanliness and the facilities on offer, both nearby and ever so slightly further afield.

West Mersea Beach, which looks out over the Blackwater Estuary from Mersea Island, made the list after local dog walkers described it as a “relaxing, welcoming area.”

Its laid-back and unspoilt nature has also been considered as a huge positive, as well as it being a vantage point from which boats can been seen passing by.

Carl Powling, mayor for West Mersea Town Council, said: “Mersea’s popularity is going up and up and the number of visitors we are getting is growing all the time.

“It is great our beach has been featured, which is likely because it has no restrictions, and it is good for tourism in the area.

“It is a good dog walking spot and the majority of dog owners on the island are brilliant, but we have to be mindful of other people going on the beach too.

“We also have to remember Mersea only has so much capacity and parking, and it can get very busy - the weekends at the moment are absolutely rammed.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Elsewhere on the list, Jaywick’s beautiful beach, located between Clacton and Colne Point, has also been included.

Many praise the dog-friendly dune for its water quality and being a quieter and more pleasant alternative to the beaches of its neighbouring coastal town.

Dan Casey, Tendring councillor for West Clacton and Jaywick Sands, said: “We are delighted to have people come to our beaches and good dog owners too.

“I am a very dog-friendly person and we also love to see people in Jaywick as we have the only beach in Tendring that has no restrictions for dogwalkers.

“It is important to stress, however, that dog owners must take responsibility for their dogs and ensure they always clean up after them.”