A CAMPAIGN by a teenager has resulted in the saving of the historic streetlight in his neighbourhood.

Nathan Curtis-Oram, 16, from Clacton, cares deeply about both his town and its history, and was worried that plans to replace Essex County’s 82,000 streetlights with LEDs would result in the local heritage being lost forever.

He took the time to write to Essex County Council pleading with councillors to save his local light.

Nathan was concerned it was only a matter of time before the area’s historic Victorian street lanterns were all replaced.

He launched a campaign calling for one particular light in Mountview Road, which holds a special place in his heart, to be saved.

He said: “I remember going past this streetlight when walking my dog when I was younger and I used to watch it turn on so I’m really happy that I’ve been able to save this light.”

Councillors said they listened to what he had to say and after speaking to engineers were able to save the streetlight and have written to him recently to confirm their intention to save it.

Lee Scott, cabinet member for highways maintenance and sustainable transport said: “I am really pleased that we have been able to find a compromise which recognises how important this particular streetlight is for Nathan.

"His commitment to this issue is phenomenal.”

Essex Highways previously said the streetlight was not in a heritage area and needed replacing for safety reasons.

But following his campaign, a spokesman said: “We have ear marked this particular streetlight as a heritage asset and will therefore just look to replace the bulb with LED, and not replace the whole column.

"Our primary concern is the public’s safety so if during inspections it is found to be unsafe we will have no choice but to replace it but our intention is to retain the overall appearance of the streetlight as it currently is, but with an LED equivalent.”