A COMMUNITY team of volunteers have joined forces with law professionals in a bid to help residents gain access to legal advice.

The Jaywick Sands Community Forum, based in Lotus Way, Jaywick, has been helping villagers and charities for several years in a myriad of ways.

In a bid to further the support they can offer people living in the coastal resort the group of volunteers have enlisted the help of the Essex Law Clinic.

The service, which will be free to use, will enable residents the chance to gain advice on everything from consumer disputes and dismissal from work to threats of eviction.

Brad Thompson, vice chairman of the community project, said: β€œI am so pleased to announce the Jaywick Sands Community Forum is bringing back the law clinic.

β€œIn collaboration with the Essex Law Clinic, they will be offering advice and help with housing, benefits, divorce, access to children, wills and much more.”

To find out more information visit facebook.com/Jaywicksandscommunityforum.