A FAST-RISING solo singer left “totally overwhelmed” after racking up thousands of online streams is preparing to release a new album conceived during lockdown.

Serena May Rawlings, 22, lived in Great Clacton as a child before moving to Valencia with her parents Dave Rawlings and Chloe Hooper.

By the time she returned, future star Serena could speak fluent Spanish, which has since influenced her style of singing and approach to melody.

From late 2019, the songwriter worked towards the composition and release of her debut album, Wonderland, which has since garnered thousands of listens.

The idea for the LP was conceived and born out of a four-track EP titled Follow The Rabbit, which Serena had recorded shortly before the first coronavirus lockdown.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

During this subsequent period of uncertainty for both her and the world, she decided to continue writing and before long had enough songs for a full-length release.

“To be honest, at the moment, I am feeling totally overwhelmed,” added Serena.

“The response I have had from people worldwide has been phenomenal, especially considering we have not had any real publicity or radio airplay.”

In addition to her vocal and melodic talent, Serena’s secret weapon is her Grammy Award winning dad and mentor, who has been producing her records.

During the 1990s the DJ became a certified platinum songwriter and enjoyed success as part of the dance group Quartz.

The band’s album, Perfect Timing, featured Brit Award winner Dina Carroll, who for three years went on to become one of the biggest female singers in the country.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Serena said: “I suppose being able to write my own lyrics, which a lot of solo artists do not seem able to do these days, sets me apart.

“But also having a more unique sound due to working with my dad, who is known for being experimental in his production.”

The family affair also includes the efforts of her mum, who has retrained and now shoots all of Serena’s music videos and promotional photographs.

Together they founded Bubble Buddy Records, on which Serena’s next LP, the pop-sounding and uplifting summer record 1999, is due to be released.

Arriving on July 4, Serena, whose songs on average reach 31,000 listeners every month on Spotify, hopes it can change help her on her way to superstardom.

“Well, it probably sounds a bit cliche really, but I hope to be recognised as a bonafide artist one day and for people to connect and enjoy the music I make now and in the future.”