AN entrepreneur from a small village has become a bestselling author after bravely sharing her turbulent life story for a compilation book.

Rachel Rowsell, 44, of Great Oakley, in Harwich, is an intuitive success and fulfilment coach who helps women create a life aligned with who they are and what they love.

By the age of 18, Rachel had given birth to two children and, feeling frustrated by society’s version of success, she strove to challenge the teen mum stigma.

After embarking on a journey of self-discovery at the age of 41, she eventually broke free of what her life should be in favour of living an off-script existence.

Her pilgrimage to societal freedom gained momentum in February 2020 following a near death experience involving her fifth child.

During the birth at Colchester Hospital, Rachel nearly lost her life and had to spent time in the facility’s intensive care unit.

Her life immediately gained more perspective and she decided to launch her own business to empower other woman and help them adopt a similar mindset.

She has now contributed to an anthology called When Women Heal, which has become a bestseller on the Amazon book charts in more than 10 categories.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“From where I was just 12 months ago to now being a best-selling author is truly surreal for me,” added the mother-of-five.

“It shows me, on paper, just how far I’ve come, and being part of a ripple effect that is now going to help others move forward in their lives just means the world to me.

“Being a part of this incredible book has been a healing process in its own right but knowing my legacy will now always be there to help others is what’s it’s all about.”

The book has been created by Natasha Bray, a psychology expert who helps high achievers and rising leaders heal childhood wounds.

It is comprised of 16 women’s experiences of overcoming trauma and features honest accounts of childhood abuse, domestic violence, and near-death experiences.

Natasha, a multi-award-winning success mastery coach, has now praised the likes of Rachel for bravely and candidly opening up about their journeys.

She added: “The fact is, we all have things to heal from, whether we believe we have been through trauma or not.

“We all have emotional wounds that haven’t had the metaphorical stitches they need to fully heal and learning ways to move on from these is truly life changing.

“These incredible women leave you with a strong message of hope, inspiration, and optimism as they share their stories of great success after adversity,

“I hope this will show others what is possible, because when women heal, we change the world.”

Rachel will now be taking part in a global summit to mark the launch of the book for which she will be sharing her experiences and expertise.

When Women Heal is available to purchase now by visiting