A CANCER survivor says she is “indebted” to everyone who has helped her honour her late sister’s memory by supporting her hospital initiative.

Elizabeth Lyness, 64, of Clacton, first started making batches of mood-lifting drain bags for cancer patients back in 2019.

Using recycled materials collected from generous residents, the holdalls were designed to discreetly hold surgical drains in a more dignified way.

The designer initially only planned to make and donate 100 bags to Broomfield Hospital but support for the project has grown and she has now made a total of 1,250.

Elizabeth said: “I never imagined we would grow like we have but seeing how much we have grown is astounding and incredible.

“To have the support and dedication of our amazing supporters is both magnificent and inspiring and we are eternally grateful and indebted to everyone.

“With the help of our lovely sewers and donations from family, friends the generous public we have delivered 1,250 cancer bags and we now make two sizes.

“We are always looking for new sewers and members to join and donations are always important and greatly received.

“With your help we now hope to make 1,500”.

The thoughtful resident was inspired to launch the bag scheme following her own battle with breast cancer and in memory of her late sister, Josie Ann.

Elizabeth was diagnosed in January 2019 before having a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery at Broomfield Hospital.

As a result of the operations, Mrs Lyness was left with two fluid drains, which she had to constantly lug around with her in plastic carrier bags during her recovery.

When she found out she was in remission, she decided to say thank you to the ward which helped her by donating a batch of drain bags.

She then named the campaign after her sister, Josie-Ann, who died of breast cancer roughly 14 years ago.

“My sister would not believe that the cancer bags are being made in her memory,” added Elizabeth.

“I am proud and honoured to think that people she never got to know or meet have been so generous in making her namesake possible.”

If you would like to donate material or offer your services to the campaign, contact Mrs Lyness on 07935 339963.