A TAXI driver left with nasty injuries after a fall wants to track down the Good Samaritans who helped her.

Josephine Gibbs, 60, works as a taxi driver in Clacton and the surrounding areas.

She slipped and crashed down on to the pavement while walking in the pouring rain across Clacton High Street.

Stranded on the ground and in excruciating pain, she found herself unable to move and her glasses had fallen off.

The contents of her purse, including a phone, money and bank cards, had also flown across the road and pavement.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Within minutes at least five people had rushed to her aid, including one who put a jacket over her while another placed her head on something soft.

After being shielded from the rain, Josephine was taken to Colchester Hospital.

“The amazing lady who had called the ambulance was at the back door of the ambulance and handed my bag to one of the clinicians in the ambulance,” she added.

“I was quite dazed and in so much pain I could barely acknowledge the presence of the bag, the lady, or if all of the belongings were inside.

“But once inside the ambulance the clinicians were beyond amazing – they called my son and placed a note on my taxi to explain the situation to any parking officials.

“This was again way beyond my expectations and I was so grateful.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Josephine suffered fractured ribs and broken a bone in her hand in the fall.

She is now desperate to personally thank the selfless Samaritans who helped her.

Grandmother Josephine added: “I couldn’t be more grateful to those wonderful people who came to my assistance.

“I do not know who the people were who helped me but they deserve the utmost recognition, gratitude and respect.

“I would love to meet each and every one of them to show how grateful I am for their kindness.”

l If you were one of the Good Samaritans, email george.king@newsquest.co.uk.