A GREEN-FINGERED yoga teacher was left bowled over by the kindness of a stranger after he donated hundreds of pounds to her charity plant sale.

Jean Davies, 69, regularly grows and sells plants outside of her home in London Road, Clacton, in aid of Parkinson’s UK.

The organisation is close to her heart due to the fact her late mum suffered from the debilitating condition and she now teaches chair yoga to people with the disease.

On Thursday, after returning to her property following a shopping trip, Jean clocked a man taking one of her plants to his car.

The anonymous customer soon proved to be a particularly special one, who left more than a lasting impression on Jean.

“I trust people to take what they want and pop the money in the letterbox and people are usually very honest,” she added.

“The man came up to the car and explained he had put the money through my letterbox and that he had recently lost his mum who had Parkinson's disease.

“I thought he had said £20, so I thanked him very much for his kindness and he went back to his car and left.

“When I opened my door I found £10 notes scattered all over the mat and there was £200 in total – it took my breath away.”

Stunned by his generosity and touching story, Jean is now attempting to track down the mystery man so she can reiterate how much she appreciated his gesture.

Jean said: “I feel sad that I maybe didn't thank him properly or take down his details.

“Of course all the money will go straight to Parkinson's UK as a separate amount, but I am amazed that he trusted me a complete stranger.

“It is easy to donate online to Parkinson's UK and in memory of someone special as well.

“I will put a thank you notice on the plant table but I wonder if perhaps someone might know him or he might see this.”