A TRAMPOLINE was blown over a tall fence and near a road as powerful winds viciously swept through the county.

North east Essex has been battling strong winds of up to 25-mph since Monday morning which has resulted in some disruption.

In Frinton Road, Kirby Cross, one family even temporarily lost their large trampoline when it got caught up in a gust of wind and flew over their fence.

Em Louise, 27, who lives in the nearby Bemerton Gardens, discovered the bouncing apparatus wedged next to a lamppost at about 11pm on Monday.

Shocked by her find, she said: “My first reaction was ‘wow, how did that manage to get over a seven-foot fence?’

“I just sat there thinking the wind really is insane, how can it do that?

“But then I worried what might happen if it got into the road, but it was pretty wedged in luckily.

“It is now back in its garden, though I am not sure how the owners managed to get it back.”