A BEACH hut’s vibrant new artwork has been causing a stir in Walton.

Nina Chinsky’s hut has been given a bright new design by pop artist Samuel Thomas .

Nina said: “I invited the super talented Samuel to come and transform my hut into a beach front masterpiece.

“It has generated lots of social media interest within the local community.

“Samuel creates uplifting and inspiring beach and seaside pop art and this was on his wish list to create something special on a much larger scale canvas.”

“We have so much beauty in our seaside resorts, it’s time we appreciated them in full glory with the power of our imaginations.”

Nina said she hopes it will encourage other beach hut owners near and far to be a little creative themselves to spread the passion and joy for seaside resorts like “charming” Walton.

Thomas added the everyone is in need of a little escapism due to the pandemic and need a reminder of the joys and pleasures that are on our doorsteps.

He said: “My paintings have always been about exploring aspirational projections of the self into a better future, that’s what keeps us persevering through the challenging times in our lives.

“I believe that if we remain hopeful and optimistic about our futures, then eventually it will be materialised into our reality sooner or later.”

“The artwork being applied to the beach hut is a local vibrant sunset encouraging everyone who passes by to feel uplifted and revitalised.”

He added that the UK has some beautiful traditions and quintessentially English quirks to celebrate, including the humble beach hut.

He said the huts are a classic symbol for leaving all our troubles behind and heading to the coast for some much needed rest and relaxation and to feel revitalised and alive - the key message he hopes his artwork delivers.

Nina is set to launch an competition on her Instagram and Facebook pages at @ladybirdbeachhut to win a day at the Seahorse Beach hut and a print by Samuel.

You can also see other uplifting seaside inspired artworks on the artist’s online gallery at samuelthomasart.co.uk.