PARKING restrictions are set to be put in place on Frinton seafront to prevent “unruly” motorists from creating another summer of traffic chaos.

Thousands of day-trippers flocked to the genteel resort in hot weather last June as the first Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were eased.

Visitors were labelled as “selfish” after parking over driveways, on the corners of roads and even in an ambulance bay in The Esplanade, next to Frinton Golf Club.

Frinton and Walton town councillors and Frinton Residents’ Association called for restrictions to be brought in before an influx of people this summer.

The town is again expecting large number of visitors after Government advisors warned foreign holidays look unlikely this summer due to continued Coronavirus restrictions.

Neil Churcher, chairman of the Frinton Residents’ Association, said: “After a lot of discussion there will be double yellow ‘no waiting’ lines painted on every corner along Frinton Esplanade.

“This hopefully will make it less dangerous to walk along the Esplanade and drive round the corners.

“Last summer was horrendous.

“On behalf of the residents’ association, I would like to thank all those involved and those who sent me photos of dangerous parking.

“This evidence was extremely valuable.

“We are also hoping that action will be taken in relation to offences such as parking on the grass verges.”

It is understood that plans for the restrictions have been drawn up and councillors are "confident" they will be in place this summer.

Frinton councillor Terry Allen said he and fellow councillor Nick Turner have been working with Essex Highways and the North Essex Parking Partnership in a bid to prevent a repeat of last year’s problems.

“I’m so pleased that all of the work on the plans that myself and my fellow ward councillor have put in have, following many meetings with different agencies and community representatives, have come to fruition.

“I’m hopeful that all the plans will come together, including signs, lines and fines, which will make sure Frinton will not be subject to the chaos we endured last year.”