HORSERIDERS have been left upset following a clampdown on riding on Frinton beach.

Horses are banned from Frinton beach between Good Friday and September 30.

In the winter months, horses will only be allowed to go on the beach until 11am.

New signs are being installed by Tendring Council to reinforce the ban after “issues” were reported last season. It also warned council officers will also be monitoring the situation.

Emma Overton, who regularly rides her horse on the beach, has launched a petition against the move.

She said: “There has been an outcry from not just the local horse riders but the wider community.

“Many people love seeing horses on the beach and do not understand why there cannot be a compromise.

“There was an issue last year with the volumes of horses down the beach and due to the additional holidaying Brits.

“There have been a number of attempts to request a permit system much like the jet ski and kite club, so people signing up to ride know the rules and regulations.

“The council rejected these and came back with the complete ban in the summer months and they have even applied restrictions to the winter months too. This all seems extremely unfair.”

“We are not asking for a complete turnaround. All we are asking for is a compromise of being able to ride before 9 am in the summer months and revert to any time in the winter months.

Former town councillor David Evans said: “I am disturbed Tendring Council has banned horses from Frinton beach.

“I can think of no more wonderful and inspiring sight than that of horses being ridden along our beach. It is what England and, in particular, Frinton is all about.”

Mike Carran, Tendring Council’s assistant director for leisure, said: “Unfortunately a small minority of riders have caused issues in the past, by not respecting the presence of other beach goers.

“This is disappointing, when we know the vast majority of riders – especially those based locally – are responsible.

“This action is being taken after consulting with the residents’ association, beach hut association and local ward councillors.”

To sign the petition, go to