SEASONAL bans on animals on some beaches in Tendring are set to come into force.

Horses are banned from Frinton beach between Good Friday and September 30.

New signs are being installed by Tendring Council this year to reinforce the ban after issues were reported last season and council officers will monitor the situation.

The rest of year horse riders are permitted to use the beach until 11am at low tide, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Mike Carran, assistant director for economic growth and leisure, said Frinton beach was a beautiful place for all to enjoy, but had to be used sensibly.

“Unfortunately a small minority of riders have caused issues in the past, by not respecting the presence of other beach goers or the designated access routes,” he said.

“This is disappointing, when we know the vast majority of riders – especially those based locally – are responsible, and seeing a horse ride along the edge of the surf is wondrous to behold.

"This action is being taken after consulting with the residents’ association, beach hut association and local ward councillors.

“Access to beaches for horses is relatively rare in this country, meaning Frinton becomes a magnet for this activity – and it is important we safeguard this for the future.”

Dog bans also come into force across 11 beaches in the district from May 1 until September 30.