More than nine in 10 people aged 70 and over in north east Essex have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, figures reveal.

NHS data shows 90,239 people in the north east Essex clinical commissioning group area had received their first jab by February 14, as figures at a CCG level were released for the first time.

Of those, 53,434 were aged 70 or over ­– equating to 93% of the population in that age group, according to the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

Across England, around 7.1 million people aged 70 and over had received their first dose of a vaccine by February 14, covering 95% of the age group – although the dosage figure includes a handful of people with registered addresses in Scotland or Wales.

A small number of people are also not included due to their age being unknown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that first jabs had now been offered to everyone in the top four vaccine priority groups – consisting of older care home residents, care home workers, people aged over 70, frontline health and social care workers and the clinically extremely vulnerable.

The Government has now pledged to offer vaccinations to everyone aged over 50 by the end of April.

The data also shows 36,805 people aged between 16 and 69 in north east Essex had received a first vaccination dose.

It means 32% of people aged 16 and over living in the area have received their first jab.

The Government's plan to provide vaccinations at more than 2,500 locations across England should ensure everyone will be within 10 miles of a centre.

Vaccinations are currently being given in major hospitals, pharmacies and newly-set-up centres such as football stadiums and out-of-town parking areas.

This is on top of more than 1,000 local vaccinations services in surgeries, community centres and churches.

After the first dose of the vaccine, people should receive a follow-up jab within 12 weeks, according to current guidance.

Across north east Essex, 2,303 people had received their second dose by February 14.