RESIDENTS of a village that has been blighted by new developments are being asked for their views on a proposed neighbourhood plan.

Alresford is set to be the first place in Tendring to have its own neighbourhood plan.

The blueprint will be fed into Tendring Council's Local Plan and once formally adopted it carries the same legal status and becomes a "material consideration" in the determination of planning applications.

Alresford has been inundated with new homes in recent years and there are outstanding planning permissions for more than 300 more properties.

Parish councillors say they want some development, especially of affordable homes, but that they want it restricted to within a newly defined boundary in the heart of the parish.

The latest consultation on the plan will accept comments on specific matters and background documents, including an updated Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitat Regulation Assessment as well as the impact of the recent adoption of the first part of the district's Local Plan on the neighbourhood plan

Nick Turner, chairman of Tendring Council's Planning Policy and Local Plan Committee, said those who live and work in Alresford should have their say.

“These plans are an excellent way for towns and villages to shape their future, and give more detail as we dive down from our district-wide Local Plan,” he said.

“To be most effective, the local community must engage with and be part of the development of Neighbourhood Plans, giving their local knowledge, so I would encourage those who live or work in Alresford to get involved.”

Comments submitted as part of a previous consultation, held from August to September, still stand as part of the process and do not need to be re-sent.

The consultation runs from until 5pm on April 9.

Email to or send comments to William Fuller at The Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley, Essex, CO16 9AJ.