PUBLIC health chiefs have issued a warning to residents in Tendring over the fast-spreading new strain of Covid-19.

The infection rate in the district has increased massively in the past few weeks.

The rate in Tendring has increased to 1,218.6 per 100,000 people on January 12 - up from 627.7 on January 3.

Dr Mike Gogarty, director of public health at Essex County Council, said: “There has been an increase in the spread of the more infectious Covid-19 variant to Tendring.

“As the population had relatively little exposure to the original Covid-19 virus, residents in Tendring are now susceptible to the new variant.

“Sadly, transmission of the new variant of Covid-19 is increasing still and I expect to see this increase in Tendring to rise further. Of a particular concern are older people who may become unwell.

“The way residents of Tendring can help is to robustly adhere to the current measures.

"People must maintain two metres minimum in all premises.

"I feel supermarkets need to go back to outside queuing and the operation of a strict one-way system.

"I ask that everybody work from home unless they absolutely cannot."

“I ask everyone in Tendring to adhere to best practice, staying two metres away from other people and washing their hands if they been outside.

“People should assume everyone else is infected and never get within two metres of another person outside your family or bubble if possible – staying two metres away from people is much, much better than staying one metre away.

“Keep away from others in public places such as supermarkets and wear a mask.

"Keep children out of school where possible. Work from home if at all possible."

Residents are advised to get tested, whether they  have symptoms or not.

To book a test, go to