RESIDENTS have reacted to a survey which named a deprived village was as one of the worst places to live in England.

Jaywick was ranked the 8th worst place in a survey by the satirical website I Live Here after claiming a 'record-breaking' 125,681 people voted.

The website said the "infamous" was making its debut in the Top 10.

"Regularly topping the charts as England’s most deprived area, if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a shanty town built on the undercarriage of Clacton that makes even the worst bits of Blackpool seem like paradise.

"A seaside s**thole where slumlords live in the Brooklands houses that overlook the beach, while letting out ramshackle glorified sheds behind them to the poor and destitute."

Ward councillor Dan Casey Jaywick's Brooklands area was disgusted by the survey and said that despite issues with deprivation, Jaywick can be a wonderful place to live.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

New homes have been built by Tendring Council in Jaywick

Gazette readers also had their say online.

Tracy Jane, from Jaywick, said: "Me and my husband bought our bungalow and moved here six months ago.

"We live in the village and I can honestly say I have never know such a lovely caring community.

"It's very quiet and the beach is so beautiful.

"Who even votes for these surveys? I am sure the residents of Jaywick don't."

Marie Coggins, who also lives in Jaywick, added: "I moved here six months ago and my neighbours are lovely.

"There are lovely shops and a great community spirit.

"There’s good and bad in everywhere you live."

Barbara Simpson said she has lived in Jaywick for 26 years.

She said: "I moved here from a bad council estate in Hackney.

"Jaywick has its good and bad bits like every place, but our community is a brilliant one.

"We all try to help each other if we can and quite a lot of people in Jaywick do work."

Frankie Murphy said: "I have regularly been visiting Jaywick for ten years while doing training for a long distance walk.

"I have seen the improvements over that time and have found the people to be very friendly.

"The only sad thing is the great café I used to use for breakfast has closed down."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Improvements - roads in Jaywick's Brooklands have been upgraded

Brian Hems added: "There are incredibly cheap homes, so if it's not as bad as these reports make out, it could be a fantastic place for retirement.

"The main issue there is unemployment and lack of jobs. This is not an issue for the retired."

Karen Smiff said: "Such a shame they won't sort out the small rough bit because Jaywick has the best community spirit and the best beach too."

Julie Wells said: "Worked there for years, good sense on community.

"People support each other. Yes, there are some bad points. But every area has them."

But Jacqueline Fletcher added: "Some of it needs bulldozing."