THE number of Covid-19 cases in Tendring have increased 50 per cent in the past week.

The infection rate in the district increased to 1,157.2 per 100,000 people on January 10 - up from 627.7 on January 3.

There were an additional 152 cases reported in the district on Sunday, bringing the number to 1,722 for the past seven days - an increase of 50 per cent.

Tendring has seen the fourth largest increase in coronavirus cases and rates in England throughout the past week.

The number of cases continues to grow, but the rate of increase has dropped from 102 per cent a week ago to 50 per cent.

There have been 28 deaths in the district in the seven days to January 10 – 11 more than the previous week.

That brings the total number of deaths within 28 days of positive Covid test in Tendring since the pandemic started to 236.

In comparison, Colchester has seen 1,825 cases in the past week – or 937.3 cases per 100,000 people.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Clacton MP Giles Watling

Clacton MP Giles Watling said: "While Tendring having the fourth highest rate of increase might sound very alarming, it was starting from a very low base, so it is not as alarming as it may first seem.

"The rate of increase in cases in Tendring has slowed a little, which is good, but the number of cases is continuing to grow, so we must try to keep a lid on this thing.

"The general public will have to bear with us for the time being.

"The rollout of the vaccine is underway and we will beat this thing."