ANIMAL loving residents rushed to the aid of a baby deer after a driver allegedly rammed it off the road before fleeing and leaving it for dead.

Eyewitnesses looked on in horror after an adorable fawn attempted to cross Little Clacton Road, in Clacton, as vehicles whizzed by.

It was soon hit by an impatience van driver who residents say purposely sped up before completely wiping out the unsuspecting deer.

Extremely injured, with reports of broken legs, the poor animal is said to have dragged itself out of the road to a nearby bush where it cowered in shock.

Steffie Sharpey, 30, who lives not far from where the traumatic incident occurred, was one of the first to spot the shaken deer and immediately tried help it.

She said: “It was really shocking to think someone would do this and just leave this poor baby there to die.

“To see something like that when you are not used to it was distressing, and I just felt sick and heartbroken because it was so frightened.

“There was a trail of blood from the middle of the road to where it had dragged itself, which just made me cry.

“We were told there was a delivery a driver who got inpatient with it crossing the road so just drove into it, which breaks my heart.

“It is absolutely sick and whoever did this is scum, because you would not ram into a person, so why ram into an animal?”

Steffie was soon joined by other caring residents, including one lady called Lisa Ann who pulled over to help after seeing the roadside commotion.

Lisa said: "I am still totally shocked, hurt and upset. It will always stay with me, the horrible image and the suffering.

"It was an incredibly traumatic and upsetting day but everyone who stopped to help are pure rays of gold.

"I rescue dogs that come from horrendous backgrounds, but the difference is I can cuddle them, and that’s all Steffie and I wanted to do with the deer.

"Words for the person who did this are not printable, and they are not worthy of the oxygen."

The fawn was eventually driven to Kinfauns Veterinary Centre by Lisa, her husband, and her son-in-law, where it was put down free of charge in a bid to finally relieve it of excruciating pain.

“It did not bleed out on the side of the road, and it fell asleep in no pain with caring people comforting her,” added Steffie.

“We did not do it for kudos, we did it because we did not want to see her suffer and no one deserves that, not even animals.

“Everyone came together to help her the best we could. We couldn’t just leave her.”