A STUNNING memorial artwork which has been 'signed' by a famous artist has appeared on a seafront beach hut - but is it the real deal?

The heart-warming creation, located between Clacton and Holland-on-Sea, appears to be a tribute to our brave war heroes.

Spotted by seasiders not long after Remembrance Day, the poignant piece is adorned with eye-catching 3D poppies layered on a painted cornfield backdrop.

Interestingly, it also features an unidentifiable child - in juxtaposing black and white - holding a balloon made of poppies, some of which are elevating into the sky.

Art fans will no doubt pick up on the piece's striking resemblance to the acclaimed Girl with Balloon from allusive graffiti artist Banksy.

It is also signed 'thanks Banksy' in the bottom right-hand corner, which has led to some eagle-eyed culturalists questioning whether or not it could be the real deal. 

A seafront walker, who took a photo of the artwork, said: “We came across the beach hut on our lockdown walk and it really brightened up our day.

“The artwork was incredible and a touching tribute to Remembrance and fallen soldiers.

“It was signed with 'Banksy' but who knows if it is actually him.”

The celebrated enigma, whose true identity remains anonymous, is renowned for his satirical, political, and thought-provoking street art activism.

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And this is not the first time he has hit the headlines in Clacton.

Back in 2014, Banksy painted a mural on a boathouse wall at West Beach, which depicted a group of birds holding up anti-immigration placards.

It was subsequently scrubbed off by order of Tendring Council after some residents complained, deeming it "offensive and racist".

But others believed it was a comment on the fact former Clacton MP Douglas Carswell was, at the time, running in a by-election for UKIP, whose members have repeatedly campaigned against mass-migration.