RESIDENTS are demanding more bins on our promenades during the lockdown to stop waste from being dumped next to overflowing bins.

Walkers were confronted by waste on the seafront and greensward on Sunday morning after visitors descended upon Frinton in the mild autumn weather.

The worst of the waste appeared to be overflowing from a green bin located next to an otherwise beautiful row of beach huts.

Everything from hordes of takeaway coffee cups to empty beer cans were seen piled up in the resorts.

Now the country is back in lockdown, residents are concerned more people will flock to the seaside for a change of scenery and exercise, resulting in more litter being left behind.

Disgusted residents have now called on Tendring Council to explore the possibility of either deploying more bins or increasing collections, as is done during the summer season.

Tanya Wheeler, from Frinton, who discovered the waste while walking her dog, said: “I was horrified when I saw the rubbish.

“I think there needs to be more bins.

“I lived in France for the last 17 years, but have just moved back to the area.

“Businesses over there sponsor bins, so maybe we should do that, but it does not hurt people to put their rubbish away.”

Adrian Sexton, from Walton, added: “The council is partly to blame, we need more regular collections because what are people supposed to do with their rubbish?

“During these lockdowns councils get given money, but what do they use it for and does it get spent on?

“All the bins are full to the rim.”

But a Tendring Council spokesman said it is the responsibility of the people to dispose waste appropriately.

“If a bin is full, please keep hold of your rubbish until you can dispose of it properly, to keep our seafronts nice for everybody,” he said.

“We are currently undertaking a bin audit to identify any shortfall, but it would not be financially viable to run a full summer season of extra bins during the winter months.

“Although there will invariably be periods of better weather and increased visitor numbers – especially during the current increased Covid-19 restrictions – this would not justify the deployment of extra bins for the majority of the time.”