A POLICING team say they are "on a roll" and "might buy a lottery ticket" after seizing several uninsured vehicles in a matter of days.

On Sunday evening, officers from Essex Police Tendring seized two cars which were being illegally driven due to not having any motor insurance.

One of the drivers also admitted to not having a driving licence, and was subsequently reported for various motor offences.

On Tuesday night, the Tendring D Shift crew struck again, seizing further two vehicles in what proved to be an eventual evening involving a quad bike and a speeding Golf.

While out patrolling, the force initially came across the quad bike, which attempted to flee.

Following a brief chase, the rider was detained and it was established he had no licence and no insurance, and he was also reported for failing to stop. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Then, on the way back to the station, the driver of a Golf car, again, with no insurance, was seen to be speeding.

After being pulled over the vehicle was seized and the driver was reported for motor offences.

A spokesman for Essex Police Tendring said: "After our recent seizing of two cars, Tendring D shift were out patrolling and officers had a quad bike attempt to make off. 

"They failed miserably and when the rider was detained, he had no license no insurance and was reported for failing to stop for police, plus his vehicle was seized.

"On the way back to station, the driver of a golf was speeding and had no insurance, vehicle seized and driver reported. 

"We are on a roll with uninsured vehicles, we might get that officer to buy a lottery ticket this week."