HAVING read in the Gazette that the Black Boy public house at Weeley was seeking to change its name to The Cavalier, to comply with the wishes of the Black Lives Matter I just shook my head in utter disbelief (Gazette, September 28, “Black Boy to be renamed in wake of BLM protests”).

The Black Lives Matter Group comprises a large numbers of agitators, both white and black.

They are a totally undemocratic group, who are anti-police and anti-justice, as has been clear by their many public statements.

Black Lives Matter are no more important than the lives of Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, native North American Indians, Aborigines, Maoris etc, but all these races see no reason to have the equivalent of a BLM group as they are aware that the vast majority of the Great British public, its police force and justice system is not racist.

It is well recognised that we are probably the most tolerant country in the world, if we weren’t, why would migrants from across the globe be clambering to live here?

Personally, I have heard no detrimental comments about the name The Black Boy and undoubtedly anyone, whatever colour, would be more than welcome to drink in that pub, as they would in any other pub in the Tendring area.

Why on earth has this decision to change the pub’s name been entertained.

And where on the earth did the brewery/pub owners get such misguided views from?

The Black Lives Matter movement? The majority of whom probably have no idea of the existence of this pub, let alone the history behind the name.

Many have now read the history of the name ‘The Black Boy’ now and this is completely obvious from the pub sign which clearly shows an image of King Charles II who obviously was white. This should be end of the matter.

I don’t understand why the owners of The Black Boy are so worried about the BLM movement.

I therefore challenge the owners of The Black Boy to show some courage and don’t pursue your application to change the name of The Black Boy to The Cavalier.

You have clearly lost the respect of many people in Weeley, and the Tendring area in general.

Reverse this application now and gain some self-respect and the respect of your clientele.

Mick Carter