A SCHOOL in Clacton which has already recorded several cases of coronavirus among staff members has now confirmed a student has also tested positive.

In a letter sent to parents, Clacton Coastal Academy headteacher, David Lees, reported that one Year 11 pupil has tested positive for Covid-19.

The student is said to have been being treated for another illness when the discovery was made, and has not been in the school since October 2, as a result.

Having, therefore, already completed 10 days of isolation, "there is no concern or need for any other students to isolate unless they have Covid-19 symptoms," said Mr Lees.

The news comes just days after bosses at Coastal Academy, in Pathfields Road, revealed five staff members, including three teachers, were fighting coronavirus.

A further six staff members, with no symptoms, were also said to be self-isolating having come into contact with previous colleagues who had tested positive.

At the time, a spokesman for the school stressed that no students were having to self-isolate as a result of the staff members' positive results.

Clacton Coastal Academy has been contacted for comment.