TENDRING Council has warned residents to be vigilant and mindful of a potential phone scam which sees the caller imitate the authority.

Town Hall bosses say they have received reports about people from across district being contacted about the installation of insulation and heating.

During a seemingly normal conversation, the caller reportedly then claims to be a representative from either the district council or a government official.

Tendring Council has now had to warn constituents about the fake phone call and reiterate there is no association between the council and the calls which are being made.

A spokesman for Tendring Council said: “There have been a number of people in the area who have received phone calls claiming to be from the council or government.

“We are currently not calling on people about insulation or heating, but there are some genuine schemes out there.

“Be aware, use trusted tradespeople, check out Trading Standards approved registers, and don’t be pressured into an instant sale.”