A HOMEOWNER was left perplexed when her monthly gas and electricity bill was increased to ten times more than her normal payment.

Vivien Alice, 46, moved into her home, in Clacton Road, Clacton, in December last year, with her two children.

Since then, her energy bill has been dealt with by Shell Energy, and between February 20 and May 8, she paid anywhere between £61 and £189 to the provider per month.

Following a payment of £61 to Shell Energy in May, however, Ms Alice had not gone a single month without being charged no less than £613 for her electricity and gas.

In total, for June, July, and August, she was being expected to fork out more than for £1,800, and she did not know why.

“I am paying a monthly direct debit of £58, so they were charging me ten times what my monthly bill should be,” she said.

“I had even sent them numerous meter readings to try and correct my bills, as the readings they had recorded were incorrect. I cannot believe how many mistakes have been made and how difficult it has been for me to try and resolve this.

“I definitely would not recommend any other consumers considering switching to Shell Energy.”

Despite escalating her complaint with Shell Energy in the middle of July, and raising the ordeal with her energy ombudsman, it has taken months for the issue to be finally resolved.

A spokesman for Shell Energy has now confirmed the issue stemmed from incorrect meter readings, and the system’s failure to highlight the severity of the pricing issue.

They also said the company has now reimbursed Mrs Perry for the additional money she had to pay out and an apology has been issued.

“We sincerely apologise to Mrs Perry for the inconvenience caused by the high estimated bills,” they said.

“We have refunded her the £1,760 she paid in excess and applied a £80 credit to her account as a gesture of goodwill.”