A SPIRITUALLY minded mother has partnered up with her daughter to launch an online shop specialising in crystals and luxurious items.

Lea Walford, 46, from Clacton, an administrative assistant at Market Field College, first discovered what she claims to be the power of healing crystals ten years ago.

At the time, she was on a journey of self-discovery, in a bid to be able to better focus on the positive aspects of life and seize the moment of each day.

Alongside her web designer daughter, Shannon Murray, she has now founded her very own online business, called The Pink Rose.

“It felt like the perfect next step for me to come together with my daughter to launch an online shop where I can help others in different areas of their life,” she said.

“While launching a business in lockdown might sound brave, launching a business at all is something that for me is very brave in itself.

“But life is too short, and you have to follow your dreams while you can, so, once I decided to take a leap of faith, everything fell into place.

“Creating The Pink Rose enables me to share with others the knowledge I've gained of crystal healing and encourage positivity to flow.”

In addition to healing crystals, The Pink Rose, also currently sells everything from skincare tools to homeware accessories made from gem and stone materials.

Eventually, Lea also wants to develop her business to incorporate fancy and eye-catching jewellery items, modelled on her own taste in trinkets.

She added: “Because there is an element of sentimentality behind our business, in the future I would like to stock more luxurious pieces of jewellery.

“I like to wear the jewellery as you always have the power of the healing crystal on you, and you have the bonus of it looking pretty too.”

To find out more visit thepinkrose.co.uk