A TIGHT-KNIT community’s dedicated residents have come together to form a vigilant alliance in a bid to keep people safe and informed.

The Jaywick Sands Neighbourhood Watch held its first meeting last week, which was attended by 40 people and community police officers.

Founded last month by chairman Brad Thompson, who lives in the area, the group already boasts more than 200 members online and continues to recruit.

The aim is the Neighbourhood Watch will eventually cover the entirety of the coastal village, but that relies on a person from each street volunteering to be a contact.

Mr Thompson decided to launch the group - following a series of fires in the area and spates of criminality - so locals can ensure their concerns can be dealt with.

“It isn’t just about crime, it is about any issue that people need help dealing with,” said Mr Thompson.

“I want to bring all of the emergency services together, and Tendring Council, so we can deal with any problems and sort them out quicker and easier.

“Before, no one knew where to go if they had something that needed sorting out, but now we want a coordinator in each road who will be the person for people to go to.

“You are never fully going to beat everything, but it is a case of managing it, so people have somewhere to go and someone to talk to.”

Prior to finding the small society, generous Mr Thompson would be one of the go-to residents in the area for people who needed any sort of help.

Now, he receives police reports, which he passes onto those who have signed up to the group, and acts as the middleman between the authorities and locals.

He acknowledges a lot of people living in Jaywick feel neglected or forgotten by the authorities, but he hopes to change people’s minds for the good of everyone.

“There has already been more of a police presence in Jaywick recently, for example, which is good, and it seems they are doing a lot more in the area now,” he added.

“The problem is a lot of people think nobody cares about them and they feel they have just given up on Jaywick.

“The town has been left alone for so long, so people just think nothing is actually going to change or get done.

“But I have had enough of everyone moaning about nothing being doing, because we have to at least try, for the community, and I believe we can get things done.”

To contact the Jaywick Sands Neighbourhood Watch email tendringNHW@outlook.com.