I AM writing as a British-born black man, and local resident for the last 24 years to say how shocked and appalled I am at the protests and riots that have occurred in London and other cities and town across Britain.

These people do not represent me or any decent common sense thinking black person living in this wonderful country.

Firstly, the lack of concern these people have for the law, the strict social distancing guidelines, and people’s health is staggering. I wonder how many of these people have clapped for our great NHS who have been risking there own lives for months to treat and save the lives of those that have contracted Covid 19?

Secondly, I was born in London and have witnessed how racism has been slowly diminishing and successive governments have bent over backwards to ensure there is equal opportunities, and even advocating controversial ‘positive discrimination’ policies.

Black people are not oppressed and there may be pockets of racism that still exist, but the truth is, the real problem is family breakdown, and particularly in black families, where fathers are absent, mothers and children fall into poverty, and teenage boys turn to gangs, drugs and knife crime and have an ‘attitude’ when confronted by police.

Many prisons are disproportionally filled with black men, who again have an ‘attitude’ which unfortunately can push police over the edge.

Thirdly, these protests have not only rolled back the immense progress that has been gained over the decades in race relations, it has caused fear, hurt, anger and division across the country.

And our heroic police who are employed to tackle crime and keep our streets safe get nothing but abuse and disrespect.

Organisations such as Lads Need Dads seek to address the problem of young boys growing up without a father and good male role model so I would urge you all to support these groups so that we can help to reduce poverty, crime and the frustration that these protests ultimately drive.

Floyd Davis, Frinton Road, Kirby Cross