The difference between working in theatre and on screen are quite substantial and there’s not enough space here to trawl through it all.

But basically, as an actor in theatre you tell the same story night after night, in TV and Film you have to be constantly reminded of where you are in the story, able to switch your character on and off between takes.

That aside, fundamentally, money separates TV and Film from Theatre - although funding is scarce in all platforms. 

This invariably means you’re paid more and are treated in much more extravagant way.

For instance, working in the West End I was on £54 a week, and I had to use the tube to get to the theatre and a shared dressing room with 16 others.

This changed dramatically when I worked on Broadway – about £500 a week, my own dressing room, hotel stay etc., but as any actor will tell you, this kind of treatment as a theatre actor is quite rare.

Yet, in most cases, when working for TV and Film, you’re picked up by a car, offered accommodation for ‘on location’ shoots and given expenses.

Each TV or Film project will vary depending on who they are and the budget available to them.

I have worked on many TV and Film shows, [incl BBC] but without hesitation I would say that in my long career Game of Thrones is by far the best show I have worked on.

It was a wonderful experience.

The way they treat the entire cast and crew is staggering. I was a very small cog in the much bigger wheel, but they treated me like I was one of the stars of the show.

I was only there for a 2 day shoot but received the full VIP treatment. 5 days in Belfast, flights and hotel paid for.

I had my own Winnebago as a dressing room with my name on it, next to Little Finger and Daenerys Targaryen.

There was breakfast, lunch and tea; food and drink always on hand whenever you needed it.

Vocal coaching to be able to speak the fictitious language. Even my own make-up and costume assistant. Crazy!

When you experience such things, when you discover the work and effort to every detail; meticulous in every step taken, and to everyone involved – and then add in the amazing script and interpretation – only then can you begin to understand why it became possibly the best TV show ever made.