Police in London have told those planning on joining Black Lives Matter demonstrations that they must be off the streets by 5pm on Saturday.

In an attempt to avoid a repeat of last week's violent clashes with police, protesters have been told they must stick to the planned route that will run from Hyde Park to Whitehall.

The force fear the anti-racism protests - that were sparked by the death of George Floyd in the US last month - could be hijacked by counter-demonstrations by far-right groups.

The 46-year-old African American died after a police officer held him down by pressing a knee into his neck for almost nine minutes in Minneapolis on May 25, provoking riots in many US cities and demonstrations across the world.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said protesters who do not leave demonstrations after 5pm on Saturday risk being arrested.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Khan said: "The police can arrest, detain and charge, ultimately if you breach the conditions," he said, adding that this included people who were protesting peacefully.

He defended the decision to board up the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square and other monuments, saying they could become a "flashpoint for violence" if rival protesters converged on them.

On Friday, statues in Parliament Square including Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were boarded up to prevent them being targeted by either side.