I EXTEND my deepest condolences to the family of Dr Mirza. I remember when Dr Mirza had his first surgery, further down in Old Road, before he took over the old ironmongery shop and turned it into the present practise.

It has so much to offer its patients and it is all down to Dr Mirza.

His foresight to give the surgery patients a first class surgery, with first class staff, who’s dedication has made the Old Road Surgery respected across the medical field.

I had great pleasure on serving on the patients forum committee. He used to look in - and we gave him our views from the patient side. He always listened and, best of all, took on board our comments.

His wife, herself a great nurse, was very well valued by all, but best of all was her warm kind smile, gentle tone and reassuring smile. My own wife, after coming home from her operation, had her call. That warm smile lit the room up.

She showed so much care and compassion as she checked my wife over, seeing all was going well.

We all of us have seen and heard the loss of frontline staff due to this vile virus.

It is truly tragic, but when it is a GP from your own surgery, then it really does hit home, and more so when you witness him building up the practise.

We know our surgery will continue on, and be as good, because the staff will do this as their way to show respect to this great doctor, their boss.

So time Dr Mirza to put your doctor’s bag away. You have really served us well in both Clacton and St Osyth - thank you very much.

Barry O’Connell, Saxstead Drive, Clacton