Thanks for the uplifting message you put on your front page about standing together during the current crisis (Gazette, March 26, “When you’re on your own, we are there with you”).

In this digital age, the traditional news media are sometimes undervalued, particularly when it comes to local newspapers.

Those who work in broadcasting and the printed word are doing a vital job in continuing to keep us informed of news and developments nationally and in our own communities.

Quite rightly, the medical professionals and the carers are receiving the most praise, but there are many others who are sticking to their tasks to make sure we can all continue to function.

Shop workers and pharmacy staff are very much in the front line, and then there are the emergency services, postal workers, refuse collectors and other council employees, veterinarians, plumbers, gas engineers, electricians and other tradespeople - there must be more to add to this list.

Not forgetting the army of volunteers who are putting themselves out there.
All of them deserve our praise.

Ray and Sue Veasey, Newport Way, Frinton