TENDRING district’s most vulnerable residents will now be able to benefit from community hubs while they self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this month the Government launched its Community Shield project to provide support to those instructed to stay indoors for three months.

Specifically, the initiative was set-up to help the elderly, pregnant women, and those living with chronic health conditions, while they shield themselves. from Covid-19.

The scheme was also designed assist residents with no support network of people in place to help them obtain essentials such as food and medicines.

The ambitious project has now started to be rolled out across the country, including in Tendring, where the district council has been working with Essex Welfare Service.

As a result, the authority has now set up two community hubs in Clacton and Harwich, which will help to support the wider, national operation.

Tendring Council leader Neil Stock, said: asked people not to abuse the system, but urged anyone in need of help to get in touch and make use of it.“If people have a support network close by who can help supply essential goods, food and medicines, then please use this help,” he said. “But we recognise some people will not have this support network, and for those people we are here to help.

“While we can only help those who do not have their own support network, we recognise support networks may be fragile.

“Friends, family members or neighbours who are currently getting supplies may have to go into self-isolation or fall ill.

“Therefore, if your circumstances change, and you need our help, please get in touch – this is not a one-time only offer.”

The service has already stepped in to help households in urgent need of food supplies and redeployed council staff are liaising with voluntary groups in the area to support their efforts.

But it isn’t just the vulnerable the council is attempting to help.

Eligible companies in Tendring are also being sent letters by the authority detailing how they can apply for financial support during the pandemic.

The advice comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled measures to bolster the economy.

Mary Newton, Tendring Council’s councillor responsible for business and economic growth, said: “Local businesses are the cornerstones of our economy and it is important we support them.

“I would urge businesses to read through our letter and respond accordingly.

“This is particularly important for those in the leisure and hospitality sectors.”

The Tendring hubs can be called on 01255 686700 from 10am to 4pm on weekdays.