AN angry resident has blasted “inconsiderate” drivers who park on pavements and block the paths of disabled and elderly people and parents with prams.

Shane Tutton, lives in Beaconsfield Road, Clacton, near the Best One convenience store and the scrapyard, with his three children.

On a daily basis he is left irritated and frustrated by the vehicles which opt to park on a drop-kerb pavement near the junction at the top of his road.

The drivers park in front of a concreted area, which is reserved for residents living in the flats who own cars, meaning they are sometimes blocked in.

As a result, Mr Tutton has been left incensed by the lack of thought given to other residents by drivers and has called on them to act more considerately.

“I kid you not, cars park there every single day and it is inconsiderate,” he said.

“They block my driveway and other driveways either side of mine as well, even though it’s a dropped curb and the road has double yellow lines.

“My main concern is the elderly, disabled and children – having three children myself makes it really frustrating.

“I detest it with a passion, and it is totally unfair on the residents that live there and pedestrians.”

Mr Tutton also says he has witnessed mothers struggle to squeeze their prams past the cars and is now worried about how it could affect society’s most vulnerable.

Because of the position of the parked cars, for example, people are being forced to leave the pavement and travel into the road to get around them.

This proves a particular risk, according to Mr Tutton, because he says some cars are prone to swinging around the bend at speed.

“It completely endangers people and there just seems to be no respect anymore for other people,” he said.

“People have to go into the road right on a junction where cars swing in.

“It is disgraceful and is not on whatever and is selfish of people to do this without a care in the world for anyone else.”

Parking on the pavement has been outlawed across London since 1974, but elsewhere in the country, drivers are permitted to partially park on the pavement, but must not cause an obstruction.