I write to share with your readers my first experience of inconsiderate and unsavoury behaviour, aligned with the coronavirus outbreak.

This came about during a visit to my local supermarket.

Firstly, I noticed a young woman, carefully, checking the shelves from top to bottom.

This procedure continued into the second aisle, where I detected an air of desperation in her actions.

Next time I came across this young lady, she was now speaking to the cashier.

It transpired that she had a three-week-old baby and was hoping to source powder milk for her infant.

Sadly, the store’s supply was non-existent, as the shop assistant revealed, they had a splurge of purchases, being snapped up by elderly customers, using the new born milk for their tea.

Talk about taking the food from the baby’s mouth! It was a heartbreaking moment.

These are unprecedented times and surely babies’ needs take priority over the daily cuppa?

After all, these little ones are the future of our country, and as such, deserve their basic sustenance, milk!

Tom Gunning

Arnold Road, Clacton