A DRUG driver was caught with more than twelve times the limit of cocaine in his system.

Anthony Gibson was using the class A drug after being told he was facing a substantial prison sentence for unrelated matters.

Police pulled his BMW 318 over in London Road, Little Clacton, in September because it was flagged as a vehicle thought to be involved in drug dealing.

Items used to smoke crack where found in the car and Gibson accepted he had taken cocaine earlier that day.

A blood test showed he had 123mcgs of cocaine per litre of blood. The legal limit put in place for passive use is just ten.

Gibson, 47, is currently serving a six year prison term.

Kristina Smith, mitigating, said: "He is not due to be released until 2022.

"This happened while he was awaiting sentence and he was using cocaine to cope with that hanging over him and was told he was facing a significant period in custody."

Magistrates said he had given a significant reading but ordered his 18 month driving ban start now, rather than when he is released, in order to offer him a fresh start.

He was fined £200, must pay a £32 victim surcharge and was given one more day in custody.