A LANDSCAPE photographer has captured the beauty of Essex in a new book.

Essex in Photographs features more than 100 pictures taken by Justin Minns.

His pictures capture the beauty of the county’s 350 miles of coastline and countryside.

Mr Minns, 50, who grew up close to Constable Country, said he wanted to show off Essex’s hidden assets.

“I have been photographing north Essex for around ten years, so I already had many of the images I needed, but I spent around 18 months exploring the rest of the county,” he said.

Mr Minns, 50, put together a list of places he already knew and did research to fill the gaps.

He said: “The book needed to have a mix of locations from towns and villages to the coast and countryside, a cross section of the sort of stunning views and interesting places that capture the spirit of Essex

“I am predominantly a landscape photographer, my main love being the sea, so many of the places in Essex that I had photographed before would have been along the coast and my research was to find picturesque villages, places of historic interest as well as looking for coastal areas that were new to me.

Mr Minns hopes his photographs help change the perception of the county.

He said: “We are all familiar with the negative stereotypical view of Essex but those who know the county know that it’s full of hidden gems.”

Published by Amberley, the book costs £17.99 and is out now.