IT’S been a case on knit one, putt one for members of the ladies’ section at Clacton Golf Club.

With the weather having been so bad over recent weeks some have swapped their clubs for needles and made jumpers for babies in the poorest parts of Africa.

Under the leadership of captain Lin Euston and Stephanie Smith, the group has knitted more than 50 jumpers – and are still going strong.

The tops will be packaged up and sent off as part of the nationwide campaign to provide clothing for Fish and Chip Babies, many of whom have Aids.

Some mothers are unable to clothe their children when they take them home from hospital and they are often wrapped in newspaper – hence the name.

Mrs Euston praised those who have taken up the challenge.

“We found out about the campaign and there have been times we haven’t played golf because of the weather,” she said.

“So, it was decided to knit the jumpers for the fish and chip babies, and I have been amazed how well it has gone. And people are still knitting!”